Queue Management System – QMATIC
Would you like to improve the quality of interaction with the client, optimize his route and simplify queue management? We have modern solutions just for you.
We are developing new smart ways to deliver services that are accessible to people. Fast, convenient and successful.
An efficient electronic queue management system will help you here. The foundation, first of all, is to make sure that the customers are served in the right order. At the same time, it is advisable to let them do something less boring than physically wait in line.
Don’t you like to wait too?
In the midst of a particularly Swedish lunch crowd in Mölndal, the chaotic situation coerced the restaurant owner and his partner to develop the world’s first electrical queue system. The year was 1981 and Qmatic was born. Today Qmatic is the global leader in customer journey management across more than 120 countries and with customer experiences for more than 2 billion people every year. We can’t wait to meet the demands of tomorrow, today.
Corporate and social responsibility
For us, corporate social responsibility is not just a beautiful phrase or concept from documents. It is really important for us to provide services and their proper support. We care about our customers and partners.
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