Advanced corporate data networks (CDN) allows the company to solve a number of tasks. Corporate data networks are designed to ensure that information infrastructure of the company is functioning efficiently. The CND allows to combine disparate and remote areas and offices of the company into a single corporate network, create a single information environment and secure connections to the remote offices based on VPN technologies.
Each company’s structure includes different departments, such as administration, logistics, accounting, warehouse, call center etc. Each department can have its own database and management system. CDN based on modern technologies and solutions, helps to combine informational and analytical resources with each other, to make them work together without interference and failures
Almost every company needs such functional resources, regardless of the level business and tasks.

Solution benefits

  • High speed of data transmission through channels 1Gbp and 10Gbp;
  • Highly reliable through the modern data technologys and non-standard network design constructions;
  • High availability of services. Use of duplicate main systems allows the CDN to operate in a 24/7 mode;
  • Flexible management and monitoring through the use of additional built-in tools;
  • Increased resilience while using duplicating devices and elements within the network;
  • Availability of modern smart services for network infrastructure;
  • Dissimilar traffic transmission through communication channels, such as: video, voice, service information;
  • Single space number;
  • Users mobility through VPN and WiFi technologies;
  • CRM’s and ERP’s software’s usage.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Finance institutions and banks.
  • Manufactures.
  • Government.
  • Enterprise segment.
  • Organizations with 10 workstations and above.

Business values

  • Business workflow optimization through high-speed data flow;
  • Reducing communication cost – communication goes through internal numbers of single number space.