Monitoring and management systems allows to manage IT infrastructure from a unified center. Implementation of such solutions allows to reduce administrator’s workload, detect problems immediately and their causes, quickly eliminate them, generate failures statistics and based on this take decisions on the modernization or implementation of other elements of IT infrastructure
IT infrastructures consist of tens or hundreds of units of servers, network equipment and data storage systems, territorially distributed to multiple server or data centers. Managing such a fleet of equipment requires a lot of qualified engineer’s resources. Our company offer solutions that include automate components for IT infrastructure management: applications and databases, network devices, servers, and data storage systems. That solutions allow you to manage a heterogeneous infrastructure, automate a full cycle management and integrate with monitoring and Help Desk systems through a single management console.

Solution benefits

  • Improving quality of IT services and elimination speed of hardware and software working failures.
  • Optimization of using Informational resources.
  • Improving transparency of IT infrastructure.
  • Improved efficiency of the IT department in multiple times.

Targeted audience of solution

Organizations with equipment fleet 5 pcs. and above.

Business values

  • Reports customization.
  • Transparent IT division workflow.
  • Efficiency in decision making and problem solving.
  • Actions warning on failure possibility.
  • Planning IT infrastructure modernization based on reports.