IT audit is to determine whether the company’s informational infrastructure (software, office equipment, networks) meets the requirements and expectations of management to obtain effectively information to make managing decisions. The audit allows to estimate the current security of IT systems, assess risks, predict and manage their impact on the business processes, correctly and reasonably approach the issue of informational assets security of organization.

IT audit services

Technical IT audit – infrastructure analyses (computing equipment, local network, OS, security systems, telecommunications) Includes:

  • Technical analyses of computing equipment condition.
  • Assess condition OS their compatibility, system software, drivers, security systems.
  • Network architecture analyses, equipment, corporate conformity check, protocol settings, system services, bandwidth and spurious traffic.

IT solutions audit – business applications analyses (app platforms, data bases) Includes:

  • Application platforms efficiency analyses in business tasks solving.
  • Compatibility assessment of necessary applications and their setting analyses.
  • System exploitation cost assessment.

IT employee audit – composition analysis, IT division employees’ qualifications and functionality. Includes:

  • IT division efficiency analyses.
  • Assessment complexity of function performed by IT division employees.
  • Assessment if trainings is needed for IT division employees.