Insight Solutions providing wide rage of services in field of IT outsourcing and professional services: Technical support of hardware and software, informational-telecommunication and engineering systems maintenance, IT infrastructure outsourcing management

INSIGHT SOLUTIONS priority in field of services – optimization of customer’s IT functions and processes in terms of operational efficiency, transparency, cost and risks minimization

As part of warranty obligations and technical support contracts, INSIGHT SOLUTIONS is able to provide server maintenance, telecommunication and engineering equipment, data storage systems, unified communications systems, multimedia and video conferencing systems, network and information security equipment

Insight Solutions extended technical support supplemented by clients most demanded services and besides of standard incident management, diagnostic and repairing equipment includes:

  • Extended service regulations.
  • Providing several levels of technical support, including consultation of experts.
  • Providing own equipment with the possibility of upfront substitution and replacement of a faulty device.
  • Equipment working capacity recovery.
  • Providing monitoring, preventive work and recommendations on IT system elements modernization.
  • Additional extended technical support services can be provided comprehensively or optionally, that allows to regulate service cost, provide technical support services flexibility, and at the same time guarantee a high level of service.