Accounts and Access Rights Management (Identity and Access Management, IAM) is a set of approaches, practices, and special software facilities, primary purpose is to ensure the security of informational resources and information systems by controlling users access to them, as well as reducing the costs of the enterprise associated with such controls.

By using IAM practices and approaches is a key tool for reducing the risk of unauthorized access. In fact, IAM is a combination of methodology and technology of the user account management practices (Identity Management) and the practice of user access management (Access Management).

Solution benefits

  • Reducing number of support cases by using self-service facilities.
  • Account lifecycle management automatization, access rights and roles.
  • Reducing users downtime while waiting for access to be provided to perform job responsibilities.
  • Automatic account blocking while on vacation or fired a user.
  • Centralized information and access rights identification management.
  • Wide capabilities range of auditing and reports in field of rights granting.
  • Centralized password policy management.
  • Single signin realization for company information system (WebSSo/SSO/ESSO).
  • Access management model realization (RBAC,RB-RBAC, ABAC).

Targeted audience of solution

  • Companies with more than 50 employees.

Business values

  • Transparent reporting and scheme with all employees access rights.
  • Reducing downtime while providing access, transparent process of requests agreement.
  • Reducing number of failures and increase level of informational security.
  • Reducing costs related to auditing access and violation investigation.