E-messaging has now become the dominant form of business communications in most companies. In turn, the development of e-mail systems is accompanied by increasing number of threats, which include, first of all, viral attacks, unwanted mail (spam), theft of information, misuse of email.

As a protection against viruses and spam with minimal financial and human costs, INSIGHT SOLUTIONS propose to apply integrated software and hardware solutions that combine several technologies:

Spam protection

  • Reputational filtering.
  • Antispam filtering.
  • Email box quarantine.

Viral protection

  • Proactive antivirus filtration.
  • Antivirus scanning.
  • Protection mechanism from unknown viruses (“zero-day-attack”).
  • Information security terms realization

Emails authentication

  • Domain keys technologies. Ensure emails integrity based on e-signature.
  • Protecting directories from attacks. Information theft blocking about the internal structure of directories.

Function management

  • Graphical tool that manage email security system.
  • Centralized managing system.
  • Monitoring and reporting on postal threats once and on schedule.

Solution benefits

  • Safety and performance. Software and hardware complexes are effective on protection against Russian-language and graphic spam. More than 95% of spam is screened out by the use of reputational filters alone.
  • Such systems show one of the lowest percentage of false alarms.
  • Easy to use. Devices are easy to integrate to current emailing infrastructure. The system is extremely simple to install, setting up and further support. Simplicity of use and support leads cost reduction up to 75%.

Business values

  • Reducing work time for email sorting.
  • Viral protection in email traffic.
  • Load reduction on internal email servers.
  • Overall internet traffic economy.