IP video surveillance is digital video surveillance, when the signal from cameras to registrars and any other devices goes based on digital IP protocol. We can say that fully analog systems no longer exist. Usually, when IP surveillance is compared to analog, it is meaning a signal from cameras to a capture device, because all other devices: registrars, servers, routers, etc. have been working for long in digital protocols and the era of analog tape recorders is gone. Exactly this moment can significantly affect the quality, topology and the entire structure of the video surveillance system.

The IP surveillance equipment itself has a number of differences from analogue. IP CCTV systems can reveal the undoubted merits that can affect the choice of customers. Should be noted that the current trend towards cheaper equipment once again confirms: video surveillance systems on IP cameras in the near future will completely supplant analogue. INSIGHT SOLUTIONS will conduct a survey and offer a complete solution to build an IP video surveillance system

Solution benefits

  • Scalability in building IP CCTV exceeds analogue systems.
  • PoE technologies allow to reduce expenses on building cable network.
  • High resolution video.
  • Ability to use WiFi cameras for difficult areas.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Trade organizations.
  • Medical institutions.
  • Offices.
  • Financial institutions.

Business values

  • Identification of perpetrators and other incidents.
  • Work schedule violation identification.
  • Control employees while working with clients.
  • Increases organization security level.