To meet the requirements of fault tolerance of data processing centers, temperature regime compliance is necessary condition, as well as cleanliness and humidity requirements. These conditions are achieved by installing precision climatic systems.

Fault-tolerant, durable precision air conditioners for server premise and semi-industrial cooling systems are able to operate 24×7 with minimum of maintenance and personnel involvement.

Typical composition of climate systems are includes: main conditioning subsystem, which is provides precised control of temperature and humidity thereby maintaining acceptable environmental parameters for normal functioning of IT equipment; air conditioning system that establishes comfortable working conditions for service staff of data center; the exchange ventilation system creates excess pressure and supplies data center with an inflow of fresh air; monitoring and manageing subsystem.

Solution benefits

  • Keeps room temperature level with a minimum error.
  • Keeps exact humidity level by using precised air conditioning.
  • Fault-tolerant schemes of using equipment 2N, N + 1, 2N + 1.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Companies with heat dissipation in data centers above 20 kW.

Business values

  • Solution reliability and fault tolerance.
  • Accuracy in maintaining the set parameters.
  • Reducing the risk of failures due to hight temperature or humidity levels in the data center.
  • Remote management and monitoring.