Structured cabling systems (SCS) is a telecommunication infrastructure of the local network made for digital, voice and video information as well as other telecommunication services offer

Cable systems are the “base” on which built all the major components of the IT infrastructure of enterprises and organizations. The proper cabling system organization of the building is the one of the key tasks in creating intelligent systems and determines the reliability of all services and departments of the company. Therefore, the cable system building must be approached as responsibly as the building itself. At the same time, data transfer technology changes, communicational and network standards primarily affect the cable systems. This imposes additional requirements to the design process, parts selection for the cable system, financial planning so that there is no need to upgrade or completely replace entire low-current wiring after a minor period of time.

Преимущества решения

  • For the purpose of voice and video data transfer a single cable system are used.
  • Use of universal power sockets at the workplace allow to connect different types of equipment.
  • Included modularity and ability to make changes and build-up without replacing entire existing network.
  • Admit multiple different network protocols to be used simultaneously.
  • Independently of technological changes and service provider.
  • Standard components and materials are used.
  • Allows management and administration with minimum number service staff.
  • Allows combination of optical and copper cables with in one network.

Targeted audience of solution

  • All companies with any size IT infrastructure.

Business values

  • Long period of use – up to 25 years.
  • Fault tolerant as result of right design and realization.
  • Investments justify due to the long system life.