The only way to protect electrical equipment from the impacts of the external network is dual-line uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Usualy, usage of stabilizers and filters does not gives desired results, as these devices are not designed to solve all problems that cause of using an external network.

Dual-conversion UPS allows to completely protect load from external influences, as the output voltage does not depend on the input.

These devices are used in the industrial sector for the long time, where is nutrition quality are necessary for responsible equipment, and becomes part of day to day life, where electricity is an integral part of human life. By using a low-quality nutrition of external network to powerup equipment that ensures our safety, we put ourselves at risk.

UPS performs as a clean power manufacture and support power loads for a period of time. Operation time without external power are limited to the battery, which is used as part of UPS. Generally, the battery is count on small power outages, as increasing the time of autonomy leads to increasing battery capacity and in turn rising the price of equipment.

Better to use a generator to solve long power outages. Usually this is a diesel (DGS) stations, which are designed for a long operation time. Do not compare them with stations on gasoline, which are designed for short-term work (3-4) hours.

The system complex consisting UPS and DGS is a system of guaranteed power supply, which is ensures the complete energy independencies of the consumer from the external network. Such a systems is recommended for powerup both private buildings and cottages, as well as offices, medical institutions and industrial facilities.

Solution benefits

  • Maximum network voltage filtration from emissions and interference: interference generated by loads are not skipped back into the network.
  • Complete shape stabilization and voltage output both network and on batteries; sinusoidal form of output voltage.
  • No switching time to batteries and any transitions when switching.

Целевая аудитория решения

  • All types of businesses and organizations for which the power outage is critical indefinitely.

Business values

  • Uninterrupted work of important business systems.
  • Reducing to a minimum equipment failures due to poor power supply.