A backup system (BS) is a complex of software and hardware designed to creat data copies for storage on media (tapes, disks, etc.) with ability to recover in case of working data losses.

Disks and tapes backup systems

Tape backup systems record, store, and recover data on streamer cartridges. Most common cartridge format is LTO. Tape backup systems comes from entry-level, with multiple cartridges and up to storage capacity about ten terabytes, and robotic, modular, which allows to store up to a hundreds terabytes. Modern tape backup systems provide a fairly high recording and reading speed.

A disk backup system, as well as a virtual tape library, is a storage virtualization technology system in which storage devices (such as hard drives) are presented as tape drives. This technology provides great read and write speed and data recovery.

To provide security for backups systems and data storage from any type of disaster usually two or more Data Storage Centers are used in different geographical locations. By using hardware and software solutions from leading manufactures and our experience in designing and integrating distributed backup systems.

Solution benefits

  • Single solution for virtual and physical systems.
  • Effectiveness, flexibility and convenient to use.
  • Minimize data leaks and downtime.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Financial institutions, banks.
  • Manufacture companies.
  • State organizations.
  • Corporate segment.

Business values

  • Speeding up restore and backup time.
  • Reducing risks from data loses, for business.
  • Reducing downtime in case of emergency.
  • IT cost reduction.