Workplace virtualization technologies (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, VDI) and terminal access allows to reduce costs of user service and desktops

All applications and user data stored in Data Centers. Employees works on familiar interface on his own monitor. Specialized technical tools are used to connect user to data center – thin client. Lifetime up to two times exceeds standard workstations and has less power usage, noise level, reducing risks of cyberattacks.

Such solutions are used in a variety of companies, both within individual offices and in geographically distributed branch structures with a large number of employees: banks, retail, state organizations, airports, etc.

Compared to personal computers, individual models of “thin clients” are less susceptible to aggressive environmental conditions (high temperature, humidity, long working hours without restarting, etc.), allowing them to be used in as workstations in industrial plants.

Solution benefits

  • Consolidating computing resources and information.
  • Reducing purchasing and updating personal computers cost.
  • Access to corporate services and applications from any device.
  • Providing informational security.
  • Simple administration of systems and workstations.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Territorial distribution of structure with large amount of employees.
  • Financial institutions, banks.
  • Schools.
  • State organizations.

Business values

  • Reducing IT infrastructure owning cost.
  • Providing confidential information security.