To solve core tasks on files data storage server, emails, key business applications (EPM, CRM etc.) and data bases, Insight Solutions suggests midrange systems. They differ is functionality, price, scalability and compatibility with common OS systems. To design more powerful and productive solution the optimal system that will be capable to virtualize system storage and provide unified access.

Data storage system consolidation

With the growth of corporate data and increased fleet of storage systems (DSS), most companies are faced the question of using efficient of existing equipment and security of information. Best way to solve these tasks is virtual data storage systems, which is allows to consolidate systems of different manufacturers, providing the user with a single control interface and a number of other advantages.

Solution benefits

  • Hight productivity.
  • Increased fault-resiliency.
  • Scalability.
  • Simple management.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Financial institutions, banks.
  • Manufacture companies.
  • State organizations.
  • Corporate segment.
  • Companies with large amount of data.

Business values

  • Protecting investments. The disk space is always fully used, unlike local servers with surpluses. The ease of scaling allows you to increase both speed and capacity, depending on the needs of the business.
  • Saving. Centralized data management improves the productivity of IT professionals.
  • Increased resilience. Duplicated system does not have a single failure point. Data is always available.
  • Scalability. The ability to buy drives when you need to.