Using the traditional one-server-to-one-app approach to initialing servers means that most servers are only 5 to 15% loaded, resulting in under-loading of resources. By converting x86 servers into virtual machines that run independently of basic hardware, you can stop growing number of servers and increase their utilization rate.

Each virtual machine is a full-value computing system and can be governed by Windows, Linux, Solaris and NetWare, as well as variety of other applications. In addition, several virtual machines can run on single server. At the same time multiple workloads on powerful x86 servers, increase coefficient of server hardware from 10-15% to 80%.

Solution benefits

  • Reducing cost of equipment and operation up to 50%, as well as reducing cost of power supply up to 80%.
  • New server initialization speed-up to 70%.
  • Reducing downtime and increase reliability through business continuity and emergency recovery solutions.
  • Ability to provide IT services on demand regardless on equipment, OS, applications and infrastructure are used.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Financial institutions, banks.
  • Manufacture companies.
  • State organizations.
  • Corporate segment.

Business values

  • Effective usage of server’s hardware resources.
  • Simplicity of scalability.
  • Increased fault-resiliency.