INSIGHT SOLUTIONS offer comprehensive IP-telephony solutions that allow you to build a modern phone network of the company, covering from a few users in a small business network or remote offices to several thousand subscribers in a distributed network of a large organization. As an additional solution, a video-telephony network is proposed, which can be part of a corporate converged telephone system

IP-telephony uses a data network and it is not necessary to maintain two independent SCS (Structured cabling systems) and telephone networks, which ultimately reduces deploying cost, maintenance and support of infrastructure

IP-telephony allow organizations integrate wide range of new services, such as:

  1. Interactive voice menu systems (IVR);
  2. Call centers;
  3. Selective and videoconferencing;
  4. Call recording systems;
  5. Subscribers call keeping system;

Solution benefits

  • Low cost calls.
  • Reduce cost of cable infrastructure organization.
  • Cost reduction on international calls.
  • Improved connection quality.
  • Wide range of new services.
  • Unified subscribers catalogue.

Targeted audience of solution

  • Geographically spread enterprises.
  • Companies with big amount of employees.

Business values

  • Improving customer service quality of the company.
  • Saving expenses on calls to the remote offices, up to 100%.
  • Necessary to support only SCS data transfer.