Integration of videoconferencing systems extends business communication ability by adding to data transmission facilities and voice and visual information exchange. Reducing conference cost where personal presence of employee is necessary.

Exchanging information between interlocutor t videoconferencing (VC)is a completely new level compared to e-mail, instant messenger and phone calls. Wharton school and 3M company research confirmed that face-to-face meeting gives 100% of efficiency and clear understanding, while efficiency of online messaging is 25-30%, phone conversation – 43% and VC – 91%.

Преимущества решения

  • Videoconferencing saves employee time and business trips expenses.
  • Quality of broadcasted signals close to television or exceeding it.
  • Reducing data transfer cost, what makes the solution more affordable.
  • Channels are fully protected and avoiding risks of wiretapping or data capturing .

Targeted audience of solution

  • Geographically distributed companies.
  • Government institutions.
  • Educational organizations – to organize distance learning.
  • Banks.

Business values

  • Saves employees working time and expenses cost of business trips.
  • Data transfer cost reduction by 20%.