Today videowall integration is an optimal solution, allowing to build screen that will include big information capacity (limitless resolution) Videowall is irreplaceable part of certain organizations, such as: control centers, situations centers, control rooms, conference halls, financial institutions and all other premises where big size and high-resolution pictures need to be displayed. Information – is a source of life today for many companies. To provide a key players and sometimes all the staff of the company with information, organizations are using informational panels for data collection of key points and statistical data from different sources. Visualization and understanding of key indicators could help companies to improve their business.

To do this, we can use seamless LCD video walls and plasma panels. Our company offers the integration of such a solution on a turnkey basis: from supplying of seamless plasma and LCD panels to their installation.

Solution benefits

  • Ability to build a screen nearly any size;
  • Durable continuous work;
  • High resolution pictures, no matter of the light level of premise;
  • Big amount of displayed information;

Targeted audience of solution

  • For organizations where real time company’s performance monitoring is necessary;

Business values

  • Managing objects monitoring;
  • Analyses of monitoring results that will support decision making;
  • Collective verification of a management decision;
  • Solution fixation (for example: in the plan form or direct impact regulatory) delivery status and fulfillment control.